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PressReader [English translation]

In this course you will learn how to use PressReader.

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PressReader provides access to more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines from around the world. Usually the publications cost money, but if you log in to PressReader from the library's wireless internet or with your library login, there is access to all the content.

Once you have been on the library's wireless network, which is a PressReader Hotspot, or you have logged in with your library login, there is access for 72 hours, after which you must log in again.

Introduction to PressReader

PressReader contains a wide selection of more than 7000 newspapers and magazines from 100 different countries and in 60 languages.

Newspapers and magazines are displayed in their original appearance and all details are preserved. There is up to 90 days of archive and it is possible to search newspapers by country, language or title.

Read newspapers and magazines via the PressReader app or on a PC.

With PressReader you can:

  • read or listen to news stories and articles from your favorite sources, and discover new ones from around the world.
  • switch between the original print view and a mobile-friendly text view.
  • translate to 18 different languages.
  • PressReader via app

The PressReader app can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad).

In the app you can download newspapers for later reading offline and activate unlimited access for 72 hours.

Get access for 72 hours:

  1. Open the PressReader app
  2. Select 'Log in'
  3. Select 'Libraries and groups
  4. Under ‘select Library or Group’, search for the name of the library municipality
  5. Log in with CPR + PIN code
  6. There is now access for 72 hours, after which you must log in again.

Create a user profile if you want to save your favorites across devices.

PressReader outside Denmark has several Danish dailies

During stays abroad, there is access to Danish dailies. To access these, find a local PressReader hotspot via the HotSpot map.

You can see the HotSpot map here

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