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HvidovreBibliotekerne, Hvidovre Public Libraries, are open to the public and offer a variety of services, most of them free of charge.

How can you use the library?

At HvidovreBibliotekerne, you’ll discover collections for both adults and children, featuring books, music, games, movies, newspapers, and magazines. Some of the collection is available in English and other languages.

HvidovreBibliotekerne also provide access to a number of digital ressources, some of which are only to be used by citizens of Hvidovre municipality. Several of these are in english.

You can borrow most of the items in the collections free of charge. To do so, you need to be registered as a patron at HvidovreBibliotekerne. 

Anybody with a fixed address in Denmark can be registered as a patron. 

Please bring valid identification, preferably a sundhedskort/Health Insurance Card if you have one.  

Registration and use is free of charge

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In the libraries you can also read newspapers, look at exhibitions or take part in events. We have free wifi and computers so you can check your e-mail, chat, write or surf the Internet. You do not need to be a patron to use of these services.

How to borrow?

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  • Children under the age of 18 must have their parents' signature to get a library card.
  • Adults use their "sundhedskort" (Health Insurance Card) as library card.
  • If you don't have a sundhedskort, you have to produce other valid identification, documenting your fixed address.
  • Special rules apply to firms and institutions. Please ask at the circulation desk.
  • The library card/sundheds card is personal, and you are responsible for all the items borrowed with it.
  • Please contact the library if your card is stolen or lost and we will block the card in order to avoid abuse. If you loose your library card, a new one will cost you 11 DKK.
  • Always let the library know if you change your address or e-mail.

Loans, returns and renewals

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In case of items particularly in demand, the library may establish a shorter loan period. Under normal circumstances most items have a loan period of 30 days and must be returned to the library within this time. You can also extend a loan, either online or by contacting the circulation desk at the library. You can do this three times for a given item, unless the item in question has been put on hold by another patron.

The deadline for timely return of items is printed on your receipt. You can also find it by logging on to our website. To do so and to use the library's self-service checkouts you will need a pin-code. You will get this when you are registered as a patron.
All your loans must be registered in the library's system before you leave the library. You do this at the self-service checkouts. If you experience any difficulties, please ask a member of staff to assist you.
The library's items are secured from theft.


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You can reserve items, which are on loan, either online via the homepage or by phoning the library. To put down a hold online you will need your PIN-code.
HvidovreBibliotekerne participates in the Danish InterLibraryLoan system. If we do not have a particular item in our own collection, we will often be able to acquire it via the InterLibraryLoan system.
When reserved items are ready for you, you will receive a notification from the library. Remember that in order to reach you, you will need to keep your record with us up to date regarding your address, your phone number, and your email adress.

Late fees

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If you return items late, you will have to pay a late fee according to the established rate.
The charges are determined by the local council of Hvidovre. You can see the prices here (in danish) or ask a member of staff.

Exclusion from borrowing

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The library can exclude you from borrowing in case of infringement on the regulations, or if you owe DKK 200 or more in late fees.


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If you damage or do not return the library's items, you will have to pay compensation.


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The library does not assume responsibility if borrowed items damage your computer or other equipment.